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What do you see when you look at me equalizer

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Little John Looney : Who the fuck do you think you are, coming done here talking to me like Teddy : Who I am, or what I am? Who I am is complicated. What I am is a little easier. I'm a threat. I alter outcomes.

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The Equalizer

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Little John Looney : Who the fuck do you think you are, coming done here talking to me like Teddy : Who I am, or what I am? Who I am is complicated. What I am is a little easier. I'm a threat. I alter outcomes. Teddy : When you look at me, what do you see. Robert McCall : [chuckles, shifts in his seat]. Teddy : The answer's nothing. I have no feeling about you one way or the other. You're like You're just a thing to remove. You're all crazy and you're arrogant.

Now, the Irish, we came here for a piece of the American dream. You people come over here to steal it. So fuck all of you. Teddy : Well, Mr. Looney, I appreciate your candor. It's refreshing, and that makes me understand that you're not smart enough to have done this. Little John Looney : What fuck? Teddy : Which brings me to my next issue. We pay you 15 percent to do business here. The additional 10 percent you steal, we ignore. The fact that you're a rat to the Feds is also tolerable, Little John.

Teddy : What we will not tolerate is You understand, Little Johnny? Little John Looney : Who fuck do you think you are? Teddy : Who I am? Or what I am? What I am is easier, I'm a threat. Little John Looney : Throw this motherf Robert McCall : How'd you find me?

I paid cash. We did no reservation. How'd you find me? Teddy : Well, that's what we do, Mr. Robert McCall : We who? Teddy : We find people we need to find. Masters : Hey! This is my town. Do you understand me? This is my home. You cannot run around like a wild animal. What the fuck was that? Teddy : It's a message. It says, "I'm here. Teddy : I want images from every security camera within a six-block radius.

If you have any trouble call that number Phones charged and on. I tend to call at odd hours. Now, if you could drive me to my residence.

Masters : Hey, wait a second, Mr. What do I look like to you? A chauffeur? This is our town. You're fucking guest. Teddy : Let me apologize for my conduct. It was a long flight on short notice, and I I like to focus, to work quickly. The deaths of Mr. Pushkin's men have interrupted his operations here. Imports, movements of goods, have all ceased. That's unacceptable. I am the one Mr. Pushkin calls in when people like you fuck up.

I'm accountable now. Masters : Listen, I don't like your tone Teddy : You have taken Mr. Pushkin's money for years. Money that comes with conditions. Non-negotiable conditions. Problem you're having with me is you still think you matter.

You don't. I'm all that matters. And so we're clear. I'm not here to say "please. Teddy : Be ready for business. We open tomorrow. Sign In. The Equalizer Showing all 21 items. Jump to: Photos 14 Quotes 7. Assassin Tournament. Watched Movies. Share this page:. Clear your history.

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From the time he was three or four years old, John Elder Robison realised that he was different from other people. He was unable to make eye contact or connect with other children, and by the time he was a teenager his odd habits - an inclination to blurt out non-sequiturs, obsessively dismantle radios or dig five-foot holes and stick his younger brother in them - had earned him the label 'social deviant'. It didn't help that his mother conversed with light fixtures and his father spent evenings pickling himself in sherry.

Teddy: Oh, no. Carry on. Robert McCall: Okay. So this good man opened his home to this boy. And when the boy stole from him, this good man loved him anyway.

The Equalizer: Denzel Washington fights the good fight yet again

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. This article was published more than 5 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. Denzel Washington turns 60 this year and the release of The Equalizer seems as good a time as any to consider the Meaning of Denzel: the screen's most prominent African-American leading man of the past 30 years, with his reserved manner and stony gaze and disarming overbite. Denzel, out there making things more Equal. A sequel to The Equalizer , a Sequelizer if you like, is already in the works, and while Denzel may seem a little mature to be kicking off a new movie franchise, there's a current movie vogue for sexagenarians kicking butt: Sixty-two-year-old Liam Neeson is planning his third Taken movie next year, Pierce Brosnan, 61, just did the action flick The November Man , and Sly Stallone, 68, is still stripping down and strapping on in The Expendables series. Bring on the sequel please, because, as fine as Denzel is, director Antoine Fuqua's The Equalizer is not so good — a self-consciously stylized, stop-and-start hodgepodge of Death Wish street vengeance, Bond-style Russian villainy, and moodily shot Boston locale. The movie is adapted from an eighties television series, starring English actor Edward Woodward as a kind of modern knight, a retired intelligence officer who helps people in trouble, which in turn was modelled on the sixties series Have Gun — Will Travel. Giving Denzel two meshing sides to his persona — the reserved and noble, and the calculating and violent — is a good fit. The most important part of the adaptation is that the hero Robert McCall's social status has been downgraded.

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By Shelby Wang. The Equalizer was released on Sept. Robert McCall, played by Denzel Washington, is a low key manager at home depot, no one would suspect his previous job as an assassin for the CIA. He lives in a small apartment in walking distance of everything, including a diner that he goes to every night. Soon those dreams come to a temporary stop when she is beaten badly by her boss Teddy and ends up in the hospital.

Movie Dust. The Equalizer.

It's an election year, and as a young progressive in California who has been raised by equally progressive parents, he is very much concerned with the political issues currently being discussed in the mass media. A chance encounter with a fellow graduate named Kelly Kelso, however, shakes up his sett led view of the world. He is challenged to examine the rising number of alternatives to the two-party system presented by third party movements such as the Libertarian Party and the Green Party, and is forced to acknowledge that there is far more to politics than simply Democrat versus Republican, and liberal versus conservative.

11 Best The Equalizer Quotes: What Do You See When You Look at Me?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. The story goes about a Rich man who decided to adopt a poor kid into his family.

Robert McCall : When you pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. Robert McCall : Progress. Not Perfection. Robert McCall : You gotta be who you are in this world, no matter what. Robert McCall : Oh, it's about a guy who thinks he's a knight in shining armor.

Movie Review: The Equalizer

Этой минуты ждали все жители города. Повсюду в старинных домах отворялись ворота, и люди целыми семьями выходили на улицы. Подобно крови, бегущей по жилам старого квартала Санта-Крус, они устремлялись к сердцу народа, его истории, к своему Богу, своему собору и алтарю. Где-то в уголке сознания Беккера звонили колокола. Я не умер. Он с трудом открыл глаза и увидел первые солнечные лучи.

It's McCall basically saying, I know you, I know where you come from because I've tells the story Teddy asks him, “When you look at me what do you see?

Сьюзан не верила ни единому его слову. Хейл подтянул ноги и немного приподнялся на корточках, желая переменить позу.

Он открыл рот, чтобы что-то сказать, но сделать этого не успел. Когда Хейл перестал на нее давить, Сьюзан почувствовала, что ее онемевшие ноги ожили.

The Equalizer Quotes – ‘Progress, not perfection.’

Вы что, морочите нам голову? - взорвался Джабба. Беккер покачал головой: - Отнюдь. Тут написано - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. Это можно примерно перевести как… - Кто будет охранять охранников! - закончила за него Сьюзан.

Denzel Washington: Robert McCall

Она поцеловала. - Скажи, что это. - Ни за что на свете.  - Он засмеялся.

- Меган все пыталась его кому-нибудь сплавить.

Да еще хвастался, что снял ее на весь уик-энд за три сотни долларов. Это он должен был упасть замертво, а не бедолага азиат.  - Клушар глотал ртом воздух, и Беккер начал волноваться. - Не знаете, как его зовут.

Marton Csokas: Teddy

Наверное, жена сказала ему не возвращаться домой. Я слышал, она его уже достала. Мидж задумалась. До нее тоже доходили подобные слухи. Так, может быть, она зря поднимает панику.

Сьюзан помнила, что за последние двадцать минут вводила только свой персональный код, когда выходила переговорить со Стратмором.

Невозможно представить, что машина могла спутать пароль с командой отключения Следопыта. Понимая, что теряет время, Сьюзан вызвала на экран регистр замка и проверила, верно ли был введен персональный код.

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