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Hajj and Umrah are religious pilgrimages to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Islamic religious doctrine dictates that every able-bodied adult Muslim who can afford to do so is obligated to make Hajj at least once in his or her lifetime. Hajj takes place from the 8th through the 12th day of the last month of the Islamic year Dhul Hijah. The timing of Hajj based on the lunar Islamic calendar varies with respect to the Gregorian calendar, occurring about 11 days earlier each successive year for example, it was held August 19—24 in and in , August 9—


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9 Misconceptions about traveling to Saudi Arabia as a woman

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The purpose of this ruling should be to guarantee the security and comfort of Muslim women. As long as a woman performs the pilgrimage with a mahram [person to who marriage is not permissible], trustworthy companion, through responsible official supervision, or similar people and she feels safe and secure, then it is permissible for her to perform the pilgrimage [even when a mahram does not accompany her].

I have been chosen to perform jihad but my wife has left for pilgrimage. Scholars disagree on the meaning of these and similar texts. The question is whether or not a mahram must accompany a woman on her pilgrimage. Hanafi scholars argue that a woman must be accompanied by her either her husband or a mahram. Some of them [go so far as to] argue that, while she is legally obligated to travel with [at least] one woman, if her safety is guaranteed without the need for any mahram, she may travel provided she remains with the group.

The Malikis do not insist on the presence of a mahram provided her safety is guaranteed. In one account, Imam Ahmad [Ibn Hanbal] does make the presence of the husband or mahram an obligatory condition though in another account, he does not.

In Al-Muhalla, Ibn Hazm maintained that it is preferable not to consider the presence of a mahram obligatory for a woman who travels for pilgrimage, the reason being that if neither a husband nor mahram is available, she can still travel for pilgrimage. Those who insist on the presence of either a husband or mahram, do so to reduce the [risk of] sin and the difficulty involved if she travels without them.

The pilgrimage of a woman who performs this obligation without being accompanied by either her husband or a mahram, is valid provided its conditions are met. Consequently, she does not have to repeat her pilgrimage with a mahram, even if, according to some scholars, she commits a sin by traveling without her husband or a mahram. The wisdom underpinning the ruling is concerned primarily with the safety and security of women.

It depends on whether or not a woman requires a mahram to achieve her goal [of performing the pilgrimage]. There is no doubt that such matters should influence our understanding of the [aforementioned] hadith that limits the freedom of women to travel alone. If these conditions are met through the presence of a mahram, trustworthy company, a responsible official or the like, it becomes obligatory for a Muslim woman to perform pilgrimage.

Consequently, she may [and indeed must] travel. Their pilgrimage was as valid as if they had gone with the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him himself. Fatwa Request About us Contact Us. Fatwa Request. Retrieve Answer. Phone Fatwa. Islamic glossary terms. Video Fatwas. Subscribe to our mail list. What is the ruling on women performing the pilgrimage without a mahram? Adjuicature Customs New Issues. All rights reserved to Dar al-Iftaa Al-Missriyyah.

And God the Almighty knows best. Related links. Are the rites of pilgrimage pagan? Should I sacrifice it where I live or back home? Sacrificing an animal that was accidentally electrocuted, is this permissible? What are the etiquettes of drinking Zamzam water?

Umrah for 40 year single woman - Mecca Forum

Right after opening doors for tourism, Saudi Arabia is back with yet another good news. The kingdom plans to permit women to perform Hajj without a male guardian. Until now, women who wished to perform Hajj were not permitted to travel without a male guardian. However, the ministry of Hajj and Umrah is now mulling over issuing visit visas that will allow women to travel without a male guardian. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia might soon permit women to perform Hajj without a male guardian.

Most western women think Saudi Arabia is a male dominance country, and it is not safe to travel alone there. But this is just a face that the media has been showing to you from the last decade.

Saudi Arabia give visa to Mutaumer woman with male, women are alone not given Umrah visa. Actually, women over 45, in a group of similar women can do Umrah as long as they are part of a travel agent organised party. Tripadvisor staff removed this post because it did not meet Tripadvisor's forum guideline limiting each user to a single forums screen name. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

Hajj and the Single Woman

In one of the worst countries in the world for women, Pakistani Dr. Qanta discovers what's under the veil lots of spirit and makeup and what's in her heart a newfound love of Islam. She takes a Her first task is to Qanta Ahmed,. Sourcebooks, Inc. I've rarely experienced so vividly the shunning and shaming, racism and anti-Semitism, but the surprise is how Dr. Ahmed also finds tenderness at the tattered edges of extremism, and a life-changing pilgrimage back to her Muslim faith. Unexpectedly denied a visa to remain in the United States, Qanta Ahmed, a young British Muslim doctor, becomes an outcast in motion. On a whim, she accepts an exciting position in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia may allow women to perform Hajj without male guardian

A completed original Umrah visa application form. The statement written at the end of the application form must be carefully read and signed. To obtain a visa application form by post, send a large, self-addressed envelope to your nearest Saudi Consulate. Note: If someone has a non-Muslim name, he or she should submit a certificate from a mosque or an Islamic center stating that the applicant is a Muslim. Proof of relationship is required a marriage certificate for a wife, a birth certificate for a child indicating the names of both parents.

Women are currently required to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform pilgrimages with a mahram male guardian , or be met by him on arrival in the Kingdom, although women over the age of 45 may travel without a mahram if they are in an organized tour group. If women travel with a group and without a mahram they must submit a notarised letter of no objection from someone who could be considered their mahram, authorizing travel for Hajj or Umrah with that group.

The purpose of this ruling should be to guarantee the security and comfort of Muslim women. As long as a woman performs the pilgrimage with a mahram [person to who marriage is not permissible], trustworthy companion, through responsible official supervision, or similar people and she feels safe and secure, then it is permissible for her to perform the pilgrimage [even when a mahram does not accompany her]. I have been chosen to perform jihad but my wife has left for pilgrimage.

Can A Woman Go To Saudi Arabia Alone For Umrah?

In the last few years, I have been traveling extensively across the Middle East and other Muslim countries, so it is not surprising at all that, every week, I receive tons of requests and questions from kick-ass women who wish to travel to the same places. Since I am a man, all my articles tend to be kind of male-oriented, not on purpose though, but it is just that, sometimes, I forget that the experience for women may be totally different. When I was posting all the photos and videos from my visit to Saudi Arabia on my Instagram Stories , people were actually amazed at all the places I visited and the people I met, as they were so many miles away from all the stereotypes the media has been showing us during the last decade. Those images really triggered the interest of many travelers who would have never thought of going there, and that included many women as well.

The government of Saudi Arabia is considering a radical change which would allow female pilgrims to perform the hajj without a male guardian, according to an Arab News report. The hajj, from the Arabic word for pilgrimage, is a mandatory religious duty for Muslims. Every year in the last month of the Islamic calendar, more than a million people travel en masse to Mecca over a six-day period. Women who are not met by their sponsors have in the past not been allowed to enter the country or continue on other flights. Violating the policy may lead to deportation.

Women above 25 can now travel to Saudi Arabia alone

Working with Dar El Salam Travel Agency, a leader in Hajj and Umrah travel for many years, this experience allows participants to travel safely with peace of mind so that one can concentrate on what matters most: the chance to worship and connect to God. We look forward to once again, leading students, alumni, young professionals, and families, from the U. Under his leadership, the Islamic Center at NYU became the first ever established Muslim student center at an institution of higher education in the United States. There she developed a thirst for knowledge that would cause her to sit at the feet and learn from some of the top Islamic Scholars of our time. After having participated in several circles of knowledge in the US, Ieasha decided to pursue religious studies abroad. Later, she moved to Yemen and enrolled in an Islamic University for Women.

Women and children should be accompanied by husband/father or a male relative (Mahram). Proof of relationship is required (a marriage certificate for a wife, a.

This move signifies that it will not be necessary for women over 25 to travel with any family member or companion. Commenting on the initiative, Director General of the commission's licensing department, Omar Al-Mubarak, said, "The tourist visa will be a single-entry visa valid for a maximum of 30 days. This visa is added to those currently available in the Kingdom. It is independent of work, visit, Hajj and Umrah visas.

Saudis to allow women to perform Umrah without a male guardian

Al Qadi also said that to obtain a Umrah visa now people can do it easily through Maqam website, instead of approaching travel agents. The visa granted is a day visa. Also with the new visa rules, Al Qadi said that a person with Umrah visa will be able to tour the Kingdom freely and attend events, unlike before when Umrah visa can only be used to go to Makkah and Madina.

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