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Sometimes a hashtag sums it up perfectly. A phrase topped the quartet: "The future is female, and it doesn't have time for styling products. The message is clear. A community of women with buzz cuts and shaved heads is growing under hashtags that embrace the look, uniting people in dismissing societal standards and celebrating those who do what they want. Especially considering the beauty ideals that are pushed on women from birth thanks, shampoo commercials , bald women's blatant refusal to exist for anyone but themselves is groundbreaking.

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For My Bald Bellas: Tips For Ladies Who Shave It All Off (or Keep It Short)

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My hair is a solid 6. Worn straight or wavy, the shoulder-length dark brown situation hangs around my face unobtrusively leaving no impression whatsoever. Jane" and imagine what bald life would be like. For Johnson, cutting off her hair signaled the start of a radical self-acceptance journey.

It wasn't easy, but "I was going to keep this haircut until I loved me in my stripped-down form. I was in Brazil for two weeks visiting Rio, Bahia, and taking in Carnival. I was also emerging from a very unhealthy relationship. I woke up one morning, looked at my friend who was traveling with me, and told her that I needed to cut my hair. She thought this would happen once we got back to Brooklyn, but I had to do it that morning. So we did. The barber looked at us like we were aliens.

My hair was straight and about three inches long in a pixie cut. People tend to act like the jump from three inches to a baldie is no big deal. I was fine the rest of the day. We were dancing in the street and enjoying the parades.

And drinks. The next morning I woke up and went to the bathroom, ready for my regular morning potty, hygiene, and primp routine. I saw myself and freaked out. I all of a sudden remembered what I did, and I cried. I then got myself together because I could not admit I made a mistake. When I got back to New York City, I visited my first barbershop and cut the rest of my processed ends off.

Then it was just me, bare and looking like I was about to enter basic training. I cried a lot. I hated the way I looked. I would stare at myself in the mirror for hours. I picked myself apart: My eyes were too big, skin too bad, I never really noticed my left ear but it was funky looking now too. One day I realized that I was doing to myself what he used to do to me.

I said enough. I was going to love every inch of me. I was going to keep this haircut until I loved me in my stripped-down form. Women are fascinated by my baldie and always tell me they wish they could do it. Men are very complimentary for the most part.

One guy at a bar in Fort Greene told me "I am sure you used to be pretty. I love me. You will not pick on me because of your insecurities. When you are bald, you are automatically labeled as bold and confident. So you have to be prepared to receive everyone's unsolicited opinions. Believe it or not, strangers try to rub my head all the time. I now know how pregnant women feel when strangers just start to rub their belly.

I ran the New Orleans Marathon February of this year and at the medic tent on mile 23 a stranger asked to rub my head. Like, "Sir, I have a cramp and it's hot AF. Are you serious? This is part of my body. I am also asked a lot if I "did this to myself by choice. I wonder what will happen after the role is done filming. Are people treating her differently?

To be quite honest, people are probably more accepting of her for doing it because they can understand her reasoning. I often find the people that I encounter do not understand why I would "do this to myself. I get urges from time to time to grow it back just for a change.

I shaved my hair last year in June after about half a year thinking about it. I just didn't feel happy about my hair for a very long time and projected this feeling onto my whole appearance. I noticed how my levels of self-esteem often depended on how my hair was looking that day—and good hair days were rare people with curly hair will know what I mean. So I figured the only way to regain a healthy relationship to my hair and myself was to cut it all off and start new.

Of course [I had reservations]. About the shape of my head, those nasty transition phases etc. I got the sweetest compliments even from people I would have never thought of— folks at work, strangers, people I hadn't talked to in years. I do get more attention than before I guess. We all know that a girl gets stared at on the street every once in a while, and I noticed how the manner of the stare changed after the cut. The expression in the eyes became less intrusive and somewhat more distant and respectful.

I don't really plan that far ahead, fully growing my hair out would take a decade, it's ridiculous. I'm letting it grow at the moment just to try out a different look but I might as well cut it off again soon, we'll see. That's what I like about having short hair, you get way more flexible.

My hair before was naturally very blonde and super-thin. I couldn't do much with it and mostly just wore it up. Honestly this is the best look I've ever had. Hair just doesn't work for me. I shaved my head because my twin brother and I got in a heated argument and it was a very impulsive and cathartic reaction. Honestly it was kind of a "fuck you" gesture to my very straight-laced upbringing. I didn't get a second opinion before I did it, that's not something I think I ever do.

People reacted pretty well. I love when old women compliment my hair. There's something really endearing about approval from the elderly to me. They're usually pretty brutally honest.

I don't really give a damn what guys think about me and my hair to be honest. I've always called the shots, not the other way around. Some dudes clearly think it's a real novelty or like fetishize it but I couldn't be bothered to give them the time of day. I literally do nothing. I don't even own shampoo or a brush. I cut my own hair about every two weeks. Very low maintenance. I was never good at hair anyway. One less thing to do in the morning.

I've always been adventurous with my hair, but around I came to a breaking point. I was new to New York City and having the hardest time finding a great stylist.

In New York City there was a lot of pressure from certain salons for me to get a relaxer. Your options were head to the Dominican salon for a blowout or get a relaxer. When I was an assistant at Essence , I remember there was a ton of praise for Solange chopping off her hair before a big red carpet event. She looked ah-mazing, and I figured why not follow suit and see what it looks like? My hair and scalp were pretty dry from the constant chemical process and I never felt "done" unless I was leaving the salon.

I wanted to see what life was like without a whole song and dance about looking presentable. I was really nervous about it. I was like "What if I hate it? What if I look like a man? Will I need a wig? Finally, on a day off I had Giselle Modeste chop it all off. And at first, I was super disappointed.

I was not into it at first, but had to commit to my look. The growing out process was rough, I had no clue what to do.

Let me tell you, natural hair is not so simple to maintain.

11 Things I Learned After Shaving My Head

For most, dealing with long, luscious locks of hair can be worth it in the end, but it is also a heck of a lot of work. Just thinking of how much time we could save not having to wash, dry and style that mane—and not to mention all the money we would have free to spend on things other than hair products—could be enough to sway anyone into trying to pull off the bald look, even just once. The bad news is, not everyone has a face or head shape that can pull of the bald look. Some women may not even care about those little things, and more power to them! However, some definitely do.

My hair is a solid 6. Worn straight or wavy, the shoulder-length dark brown situation hangs around my face unobtrusively leaving no impression whatsoever. Jane" and imagine what bald life would be like.

But the opportunity to have a new surname was certainly an attractive proposition. Williams has had trichotillomania, a condition that causes her to pull out her hair compulsively, since she was nine — and her original name was Balde. A year-old picture framer from Warwickshire, Williams believes that her trichotillomania was triggered by the stress of her mother leaving the family home. She would lie awake at night and tug out great handfuls of hair, before rolling it up into a ball and hiding it behind the bed. By her 30s, she was totally bald.

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. It is normal for women to shed some hair each day, but when bald patches or thinning occurs, it may be due to female pattern baldness. Shedding about 50 to hairs a day is considered normal, but new growth will typically replace these hairs. If someone has female pattern baldness , however, the lost hair is not renewed. In this article, we look at the causes and risk factors for female pattern baldness, as well as treatment and prevention. Female pattern baldness is a type of hair loss that affects women. The medical name for the condition is androgenetic alopecia. Although both men and women may experience hair loss, it is not as widespread in women as in men and appears differently. Men who have hair loss tend to develop a receding hairline and bald spots.

5 Women Tell Us Why They Shaved Their Heads

Now we could give you our personal opinion on the matter but we thought it would be better to go to the source and ask hundreds of women these questions in order to come to conclusive answers. For more detail, refer to the Survey Methodology here. Additionally, when you look at the breakdown between the different age groups, we see an interesting pattern:. As a majority of men tend to really start losing their hair a little later in life, this is very encouraging. The next major question we wanted to address was at what point i.

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If you are reading this, you are considering shaving your head. Congratulations and welcome to the coven. Everyone has different reasons for wanting to buzz it all off. For me, I wanted a fresh start after gradually and accidentally making my undercut so drastic, it was inevitable I would have to restart my hair growth all over if I wanted it to grow out in a non-bizarro way.

15 Famous Women Who Shaved Their Heads

With her role as Imperator Furiosa in Mad Max , Theron proved a female action hero can kill it at the box office — no flowing hair or sparkly makeup necessary. Unlike many of the celebs on this list, the American Idol alum didn't shave her head for a role or for style — she did it to show solidarity for her childhood best friend who was battling breast cancer. See how prettily short hair shows off the singer's face?

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Bald women are often depicted as weak, disadvantaged, undesirable But as Michelle Law writes in this guide, hair loss is something to be embraced. It was a shoddy cartoon series that was completely politically incorrect and I loved it. My favourite episode of the series was the story of Samson and Delilah. Samson is a warrior for the Israelites, who are in battle with the Philistines. He's undefeatable and possesses super-human strength, and the Philistines want to know why. So they bribe Delilah, Samson's lover, to coax his secret out of him. It turns out that the secret to Samson's strength is his hair, and if it's ever cut, he'll lose his power.

Make bald pictures in a few seconds! Snap a photo, and use your finger as a razor to shave yourself so that it looks like you're bald. This is NOT a game, this is a  Rating: - ‎, votes - ‎Free - ‎Android - ‎Entertainment.

And cutting my hair reduced me to, like, mental patient-level crying. I was inconsolable. AKB48, the person girl group Minegishi belongs to, prohibits smoking and significant others. But even when actresses like Hathaway discard their coifs in the name of their art, they are thought of as self-sacrificing.

Female pattern baldness: Treatment and genetics

Updated: January 8, Reader-Approved References. More and more women nowadays are shaving their heads. Maybe it's because you're sick and you've lost your hair, maybe it's because you're donating your hair, or maybe you simply want to shave your head for the fun of it. Many women are very attached to their hair; this article is here to help out all those women with bald heads feel as beautiful as anybody else!

‘It takes a thick skin to rock a bald head’: meet the women embracing hair loss

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Do Women Like Bald Men? (Nationwide Survey Results)

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9 Women on What It Felt Like to Shave Their Heads

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