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How to get more likes from friends on facebook

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One Weird Trick to Get More Facebook Likes for Free

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Marketing software to increase traffic and leads. Free and premium plans. Sales software for closing more deals, faster. Software for providing first-class customer service. Content management software to power websites. Premium plans and free trial. Find HubSpot apps for the tools and software you use to run your business. Read marketing, sales, agency, and customer success blog content. Hear from the businesses that use HubSpot to grow better every day. Create apps and custom integrations for businesses using HubSpot.

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Find a partner in our global community of service providers who can help you grow. We're committed to your privacy. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Written by Lindsay Kolowich. HubSpot also recommends this free Facebook guide for reaching and engaging your audience.

Every brand on Facebook is on Facebook for one reason -- to eventually get more business. But getting more business from Facebook means different things to different types of businesses. Different brands will have different objectives, such as driving in-store sales, increasing online sales, launching a new product, building awareness, or promoting a mobile app.

Regardless of the objective, there are a few steps that happen before Facebook fans can turn into real business. You have to first build an audience on Facebook, then drive inbound traffic to your website, then turn that traffic into qualified leads, and then nurture those leads into customers. This post is all about the very first step in this whole process: building an audience of fans who actually have an interest in what your company sells. If you recently set up your Facebook Page or could simply use a few pointers on how to get more Facebook Likes, this post is for you.

To grow your number of Facebook fans, every section of your page should include content that's relevant and helpful, but also searchable. Remember: All of the content on your page will be indexed by search engines, helping you attract more Fans to your page. By no means should you should go on a keyword-stuffing spree -- but you should spend time optimizing each section of your page with keywords appropriate for your business.

Making your Facebook Page as discoverable as possible includes promoting your Facebook presence using the marketing channels you already have, and removing any barriers for existing contacts to like your page. While Facebook's Like Button allows users to like individual pieces of content on the web and share them on Facebook, the Like Box is designed only for Facebook Pages.

The Like Box is a great way to leverage social proof to amplify your page. It displays your page's number of Likes along with the faces of some of your Facebook fans. To implement it, visit this link and customize your button.

Then, generate the code and embed it on your website, blog, and wherever else you'd like it to appear.

Want to see it in action? Go ahead and like HubSpot's Facebook Page by clicking the button below. Chances are, you already have friends, family, and existing customers who would be more than willing to connect with your business on Facebook. All you need to do is ask. Whether in person, via email, or via Facebook, try asking for Likes and positive reviews.

Just be cautious about over-promoting to uninterested connections. You can also encourage existing connections to become fans by making it more likely that they'll see a suggestion on Facebook to like your page. You'll have to upload a list of emails to Facebook, and those from that list who are on Facebook will be made more likely to see a suggestion to like your page in places like "Recommended Pages. To upload a list of email contacts through Facebook, open the "Build Audience" menu located at the top right of your Facebook Page and select "Invite Email Contacts.

From there, you can upload a maximum of 7, contacts per day per page -- and a maximum of 5, contacts at a time. People are more likely to Like pages that already have some sort of following, and your employees can help your business build its initial numbers. After all, they are your strongest and most effective brand advocates.

Ask them to like the official Facebook Page. Then, encourage them to share, Like, and comment on the content your team posts on Facebook, too. Employees who really want to share the love might include a link to your Facebook Page in their email signatures or on their personal social media profiles. Have a physical storefront? Think about ways to encourage patrons to become Facebook fans.

Here are some ideas to get you started:. Market your business offline? Include links to your Facebook Page and other social media profiles on printed ads, flyers, coupons, catalogs, business cards, and direct mail assets. Add a link to your Facebook Page on your business's Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and your personal profile, for that matter. Tweet about your Facebook Page occasionally to encourage your Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections to stay in contact with you on another network.

Just be sure that your cross promotions are sparing and strategic -- you don't want to spam the other audiences that you've worked so hard to develop. The best way to increase your following on Facebook is by treating your fans like people -- and that means consistently delivering content that is valuable to them. Delivering value really comes into play with the content you create and share with your fans, and how you interact with them.

It's all about building long-term relationships with your Facebook fans. They might not remember one individual post to Facebook, but if they notice you consistently publish high quality, helpful, and relevant posts to Facebook, they'll think of you as a valuable resource. So, how do you know what to publish?

If not, or if you just need some inspiration, consider spending a week taking note of the types of content in your own News Feed that compels you click, comment, or share. What inspired you? Use your observations to inspire future posts. Getting more Facebook Likes isn't just about profile optimization and an initial push. To continue growing steadily, you need to maintain an active, ongoing presence. Not only does this mean posting educational, insightful content on a regular basis, but it also means monitoring your presence and interacting with your fans.

Ask questions, answer questions, and participate in discussions with those posting on your page. Find, follow, and build relationships with others in your industry.

Create a presence worth following. Growing your Facebook Likes organically is the best way to drive engagement and, ultimately, convert fans into customers.

But if you have the budget for it, incorporating some paid advertising into your Facebook strategy can help augment the hard work you're already putting in. These ads can appear in users' News Feeds or in the ad column on the right-hand side of their web browser when they're on Facebook. Image Credit: Facebook. There's plenty more to learn about cultivating a Facebook audience that can yield new business opportunities.

Be sure to check out some of our other resources on Facebook-related topics:. Want to see how HubSpot uses Facebook? Like our Facebook Page here. Originally published Jul 25, PM, updated July 30 RSS is an anonymous technology that allows people to subscribe to updates to any information you publish in a structured format.

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Written by Lindsay Kolowich lkolow. Get the Guide. Include Facebook Like Boxes on your website and blog.

How to Get 100,000+ Organic Facebook Likes Without Spending Money on Ads

Not only that, but his Facebook page was driving a growing amount of business via traffic and email subscribers. It requires constant engagement, and you may not see quick results from your efforts. It turns out that the advice Lawrence taught me in is just as relevant today. Hopefully this will help you expand your reach, and ultimately help you win more leads and sales.

In order to achieve success on Facebook you need an engaged community. You need to attract the right audience and engage them in ways that align to your business goals.

Other social platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, are all important as well. But a solid social media foundation starts with Facebook. Want More Traffic? There is a common misconception that getting people to follow you on Facebook is a costly investment.

How to Get More Facebook Likes (And Why You Need Them!)

If you google the term " get more likes on Facebook ", you'll get about 3 billion results. In this blog post, I'll give you the tactics that resulted in me getting 2. Yes, this post reached In other words, I didn't pay Facebook anything to reach these millions of people. My post reached a viewership equal to the population of California And even better, thousands of the people who liked the post became new fans of our Facebook page! This post is not just another listicle filled with tired social media marketing B. The more Likes you get on your posts, the more Likes you'll get on your page. And the more Likes you get on your page the more followers you get , the more Likes you'll get on your posts.

5 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

Unless you have a huge advertising budget, paying for Facebook Likes is nowhere near as valuable as it was five years ago. After all, organic reach on Facebook is pretty much dead, right? However, there is still some marginal value in having a large number of page Likes. If nothing else, Likes serve as a form of social proof. More likes make you appear popular to people who are just discovering your brand.

All but the people at Facebook, that picked this day to start testing the elimination of the Facebook Likes counter.

The 10 steps below demonstrate with a real example how to get more than 10, fans on your Facebook business page. Facebook is the king of social networks with more than 2. To take advantage of this for business purposes, you need to have a lot of fans followers on your Facebook business page. Five Years ago this did not make any difference but in the 21st century, social proof is important.

23 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Updated: March 29, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to increase the number of likes you receive on your Facebook content. If you want to get more Facebook likes on your personal posts, try to post times a day. Post funny or light-hearted content most of the time, and try to include a photo or video in your posts whenever possible.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 8 Ways to Get Your Posts Seen More on Facebook

My most successful online store grew to 54, Facebook followers. Having so many Facebook likes allowed us to create an engaged community of people who loved our niche and, more importantly, our products. From Facebook ads for beginners to influencer marketing , there are a number of ways to get Facebook followers that will help bring more fans to your Facebook page. Here are 18 ways to increase Facebook likes and Facebook followers:. So, if your main goal is to get store sales, you can run a conversion ad and still increase Facebook likes to your page.

Infographic: How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Well, when it comes to marketing your product on social media, it actually is. Brand awareness and loyalty have a strong influence on purchase decisions. Therefore, getting Facebook likes and engagement correlates to your customer acquisition and retention. Getting more likes on your posts actually increases your organic reach on Facebook. The algorithm looks at various factors, including:. But with lots of strategizing and testing, success is possible.

May 10, - Want to increase your Facebook followers and Facebook likes in ? If you're trying to figure out how to get Facebook followers, the most obvious solution is You can also invite friends and family to like your page.

How many Facebook Likes does your business Page have? With more than two billion users , Facebook offers a huge potential audience for your business. Getting more Likes requires you to share content that is truly likeable—and engage in ways that make your brand likable, too.

How to Get More Likes for Your Brand’s Facebook Page

Ramona Sukhraj. May 15th, min read. It's amazing how ingrained Facebook has become in our lives, personally and professionally; as consumers and as individuals.

How to Get More Facebook Likes: 10 Tactics That Actually Work

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