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How to find out a persons cell phone carrier

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10 Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Calling Records

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Tips for minimizing the risk of number porting fraud are available below for customers of all four major mobile providers, including Sprint and Verizon. Porting a number to a new provider shuts off the phone of the original user, and forwards all calls to the new device. Once in control of the mobile number, thieves can request any second factor that is sent to the newly activated device, such as a one-time code sent via text message or or an automated call that reads the one-time code aloud.

Porting allows customers to take their phone number with them when they change phone carriers. The law requires carriers to provide this number porting feature, but there are ways to reduce the risk of this happening to you.

T-Mobile suggests adding its port validation feature to all accounts. Verizon requires a match on a password or a PIN associated with the account for a port to go through. Subscribers can set their PIN via their Verizon Wireless website account or by visiting a local shop. Sprint requires all customers to create a PIN during their initial account setup.

Follow this link for more information. Bigger picture, these porting attacks are a good reminder to use something other than a text message or a one-time code that gets read to you in an automated phone call.

Whenever you have the option, choose the app-based alternative: Many companies now support third-party authentication apps like Google Authenticator and Authy , which can act as powerful two-factor authentication alternatives that are not nearly as easy for thieves to intercept.

Several of the mobile companies referred me to the work of a Mobile Authentication task force created by the carriers last fall. They say the issue of unauthorized ports to commit fraud is being addressed by this initiative. You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

Just call back the next day at a different time of day. Eventually, you will get someone who can help. They actually had sent a message sometime back, but I had forgotten about it. The T-mobile rep I spoke with explicitly said that porting validation PINs are only available for post-paid customers.

I am extremely unhappy. The username is your phone number, and the password is a 4 digit numerical pin. U-verse app account — Learn how to sign in and stay connected to your U-verse TV from anywhere using the U-verse app on your mobile device.

Brian, please devote a future column to how third-party authentication apps like Google Authenticator and Authy work and whether they are adequately secure. Thank you for your informative and valuable work. As this article emphasizes, mobile fone service is itself insecure. I, too, would be interested in a review of pluses and minuses of hardware-based 2FA e.

This means that if the phone number gets hijacked, the hacker will be able to gain control of the account, and a capable hacker will immediately do away with the 2FA, Backup codes, Recovery address and so on! A real solution needs to be phone-free.

I for example use my GV number which is on a different account than any service secured using that number. The only people who use my carrier number. They check for it and refuse to let you use it. Google voice is more likely to be compromised than your cell phone, especially since fewer than 10 percent of people use 2FA and most still use weak passwords. I also know that people who read this forum likely know how to lock down their Google accounts, but we are in the minority. I called T-mobile and added a PIN with no problem.

That will be used for any changes to the account. I was with T for 12 years. I had 6 digit code in place for years. Whenever I called in, online, etc, I had to provide it but they transferred my phone without even asking for it.

I had a dead phone for 5 days waiting until they got it back. I then left T and went to another carrier. Customer service and security is terrible. I wish you the best of luck. I believe this is all part of the Equifax breach and they are going down the list. I had to change bank and email info also.

Good Luck. On most of the sites that ask for a number from me I always use a false cell number aka Google voice to trick the fraudsters out. Too bad none offers Yubikey.

Still, SMS is far better than nothing. Your comment is totally off-topic. A lot of spam in comment sections and forums is like that now. Until then, we will still have this problem. My former bank which I just left and is one of he biggest in the country just switched to SMS based 2FA about six months ago after having no 2FA prior to that.

This is the same bank that for awhile your initial online banking username was your SSN and is still the same bank with a 18 character max limit for your password. This is the same bank who used to issue your online banking I signed on with them in the early days username as your SSN. They still have a low max character password limit, I think its 14 characters.

Brian, thanks for continuing to give us things we can do to improve our security. Someday banks and the U. Government will realize SMS based security is not good two factor. Also, I must provide it when logging in online, but online that page has a checkbox unchecked by default to disable it upon page submission clicking OK.

That is poor design, it should not be there, it should only be changeable once fully logged in in profile security settings. I cannot just not use many services which only support 2fa via SMS. Harder in the fact that it takes extra steps from the common requirements. Companies act as if it is harder to implement TOTP.

I have other non -tech savvy doing it in a few minutes. A very good reason for this is the ease in which the SMS 2fa codes can be intercepted by port-out or SS7 attack.

The cost of these attacks has dropped so much that only a few hundred dollars return is profitable. Automation has made it easy to make multiple attacks in short order. But my org has learned the hard way that resistance can crop up in unexpected ways. Upper management had to end up buying physical tokens for this situation. To me, that was madness. An app hardly utilizes any resources on a phone, and the phone is a securable platform.

But, there was pushback, and management had to relent. Much, much better than SMS. In their blog, they actually metion GV along with Skype www. So if the real world stays true to form and some things get implemented before others, I can see a world where VOIP numbers are considered invalid for most 2FA implementations.

Once a TOTP app is downloaded, it requires no data connection, it will operate forever in airplane mode. A TOTP app is like a token, more like a key-ring full of tokens, but a lot easier to carry. I can understand employees not wanting anything for the employer on their personal device. I fully embrace that stance. The discussion though is not in reference to employee accounts with their employers. Google Voice cannot be used without an underlying voice service, it can be used with VOIP though if you wish.

I use mine with my cellphone voice service. The time based code security authentication factor can be implemented quite easily with support for SMS, TOTP, and hardware tokens all in one implementation.

The core algorithms are identical for each variation of time based code. It is organization choice alone which limits their time based code to SMS. It has many advantages over the other methods. I use to belong to T-Mobile. I got caught up in the port out scam before the news broke. I already had a 6-digit code assigned. T-mobile moved me over to MetroPCS without even asking for the code. Due to that fact, I left them after 12 years. When this has been done, they told me, I would thereafter need to provide that PIN number any time I want to do anything to the account.

The first two tech support people I spoke to did not know much about this topic. Why have we not moved to a Zero Trust email framework? Part of the problem is the use of jargon. Maybe it is for porting the number, maybe it is for something else. I would like to do the same. But how do I get a second Google account?

What is the Cell Phone Blacklist, Anyway?

Tips for minimizing the risk of number porting fraud are available below for customers of all four major mobile providers, including Sprint and Verizon. Porting a number to a new provider shuts off the phone of the original user, and forwards all calls to the new device. Once in control of the mobile number, thieves can request any second factor that is sent to the newly activated device, such as a one-time code sent via text message or or an automated call that reads the one-time code aloud. Porting allows customers to take their phone number with them when they change phone carriers.

In the conversation of second-hand smartphones, the words Blacklist and IMEI get thrown around a lot. So what is this cell phone blacklist anyway? The blacklist is a shared database that lists smartphones that have been reported stolen in Canada.

We are always striving to improve our documentation quality, and your feedback is valuable to us. How could this documentation serve you better? Given a phone number, Twilio Lookup can identify the number's carrier and what type of phone it is landline, mobile, or VoIP. In the U.

How to Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Smartphone

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In ‘SIM Swap,’ Criminals Really Have Your Number

Cell phone locator services can track your employees in the field, allowing you to confirm that they are at their assigned tasks. Because most people carry cell phones, they provide a convenient method for tracking, which you can typically accomplish by going online. You need to initiate most locator services before you can use them. Cell phone carriers, phone companies and certain third-party applications provide cell phone locator services. Contact your cell phone provider when you sign up for your phone, or call customer service if you already have a phone and ask about available tracking services via GPS.

Request deactivation of online access to your cell phone account Inform your cell phone service provider that you do not wish to have access to your account via the internet, and that you would like internet access to your account to be deactivated. Do not provide your personal cell-phone number to the general public Be sure that you are familiar with all of the persons to whom you provide your cell phone number, and that you are in possession of contact information including first and last names, telephone numbers and places of employment for all of the individuals to whom you have provided your cell phone number.

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Krebs on Security

Many cellular network providers offer free calls to users who call or receive calls from other cellular customers within the network. This is a plus if you have friends, family members or business associates who use the same provider as you do. However, knowing which cell phone company a person happens to use takes a bit of research, if you don't just want to ask the person directly. As long as you know the individual's cell phone number, you can obtain the name of the carrier.

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Sometimes, it might be useful to do a cell phone carrier lookup for numbers in your area to see what others are using. Some typical reasons include; wanting to see what other carrier options are available in your area or wanting to switch to a new phone carrier. Just like with any major decision, you must determine your motivation for performing a free cell phone carrier lookup. Do you want to learn the carriers your neighbors, family, or those calling you are using? Knowing the number s is essential to move on in the carrier lookup process.

Lookup: Carrier and Caller Name

This scam, also known as port-out or SIM splitting fraud, allows criminals to hijack your cell phone number. Once they have your number, the bad guys can clean out your financial accounts, confiscate your email, delete your data and take over your social media profiles. Fraudsters can do all this because many companies — including banks, brokerages, email providers and social media platforms — verify your identity by texting a code to your cell phone. Intercepting those codes can give a criminal an all-access pass to your financial and digital life. The potential damage is so great that security expert Avivah Litan, vice president at research firm Gartner Inc. Sometimes the scam artists bribe or blackmail carrier employees; sometimes, the employees are the criminals. Once they persuade the carrier to transfer your number to a phone they control, they can attack your other accounts.

Nov 24, - How does a cellphone number work? Why can't I own my number and how is it that these big companies are able to give my number to someone else?How to find out who a phone or cell phone number.

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How to Use a Cell Phone Signal to Locate a Person

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How to Find Out Cell Phone Carrier Information

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