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In all seriousness, the hop growing industry is a complex world with a pretty straight forward concept. Much like for cattle ranchers, dog breeders, and even your classic Adam and Eve story — the key to success comes down to the birds and the bees and some strong genes. Just like many species, the hop plant relies on the pollen of the male flower to fertilize the cones of its female counterpart to produce seeds. Hop varieties are essentially the offspring of a combination of two individual hop flowers. Have I piqued your interest yet? Well then, follow along as we explore the evolutionary process behind one of the four main ingredients of beer:.

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When Does Girl Meets World

This is a collab between myself and djkaktus , refining ol' plague boy into something more appropriate for today's standards. Credit goes to Dex V does not match any existing user name for the new images. SCP must be sedated before any attempts to transport it. During transport, SCP must be secured within a Class III Humanoid Restriction Harness including a locking collar and extension restraints and monitored by no fewer than two armed guards. While SCP is generally cooperative with most Foundation personnel, outbursts or sudden changes in behaviour are to be met with elevated force.

Under no circumstances should any personnel come into direct contact with SCP during these outbursts. In the event SCP becomes aggressive, the application of lavender L. Once calmed, SCP generally becomes compliant, and will return to containment with little resistance. In order to facilitate the ongoing containment of SCP, the entity is to be provided with the corpse of a recently deceased animal typically a bovine or other large mammal once every two weeks for study.

SCP is no longer permitted to interact with human subjects, and requests for human subjects are to be denied. This order shall persist indefinitely, until such time a consensus regarding the ongoing containment of SCP can be reached. Description: SCP is a humanoid entity, roughly 1. While SCP appears to be wearing the thick robes and the ceramic mask indicative of that profession, the garments instead seem to have grown out of SCP's body over time 1 , and are now nearly indistinguishable from whatever form is beneath them.

X-rays indicate that despite this, SCP does have a humanoid skeletal structure beneath its outer layer. SCP is capable of speech in a variety of languages, though tends to prefer English or medieval French 2. While SCP is generally cordial and cooperative with Foundation staff, it can become especially irritated or at times outright aggressive if it feels that it is in the presence of what it calls the "Pestilence".

Although the exact nature of this Pestilence is currently unknown to Foundation researchers, it does seem to be an issue of immense concern to SCP SCP will become hostile with individuals it sees as being affected by the Pestilence, often having to be restrained should it encounter such. If left unchecked, SCP will generally attempt to kill any such individual; SCP is capable of causing all biological functions of an organism to cease through direct skin contact.

How this occurs is currently unknown, and autopsies of SCP's victims have invariably been inconclusive. SCP has expressed frustration or remorse after these killings, indicating that they have done little to kill "The Pestilence", though will usually seek to then perform a crude surgery on the corpse using the implements contained within a black doctor's bag it carries on its person at all times 3.

While these surgeries are not always "successful", they often result in the creation of instances of SCP These instances do not seem to retain any of their prior memories or mental functions, having only basic motor skills and response mechanisms. While these instances are generally inactive, moving very little and in a generally ambulatory fashion, they can become extremely aggressive if provoked, or if directed to by SCP SCP instances express active biological functions, though these are vastly different from currently understood human physiology.

Despite these alterations, SCP often remarks that the subjects have been "cured". SCP was discovered during the investigation of a series of unknown disappearances in the town of Montauban in southern France. While law enforcement personnel engaged the hostile instances, SCP was noted as watching the engagement and taking notes in its journal.

After all of the instances were dispatched, SCP willingly entered Foundation custody. No need for translation, sir, I can speak it well enough. SCP Ah! A doctor! A like-minded individual, no doubt. Wherein is your speciality, sir?

SCP Laughs A medical man, such as myself. Wonders abound! And here I worried I had been abducted by common street thugs! Looks around the room This place, then. This is your laboratory? I had wondered, as clean as it is, and with such little trace of the Pestilence here.

SCP The Scourge! The Great Dying. Come now, you know, the, uh… taps temple furiously …what is it they call it, the… the… ah, no matter.

The Pestilence, yes. It abounds outside these walls, you know. So many have succumbed, and many more will continue to, until such time as a perfect cure can be developed. Leans back in its chair Fortunately, I am very close. It is my duty in life to rid the world of it, you see. Hamm: When you say "The Great Dying", are you talking about the bubonic plague? Hamm: I see. Right, well, the entities our agents encountered at that house, they were dead when you encountered them, yes?

And you reanimated them? SCP Hrmm, in a manner of speaking. You see things too simply, doctor! Expand your horizons. Life and death, sickness and health, these are amateur terms for amateur physicians. There is only one ailment that exists in the world of men, and that is the Pestilence. And nothing else! Make no mistake, they were very ill, all of them. SCP Pauses and glares at Dr. Hamm Yes, well, it is not a perfect cure.

But that will come with time. And further experimentation! I have spent a lifetime developing my methods, Dr. Hamm, and will spend a lifetime more, if necessary. Now, we have wasted too much time. There is work to do! I will require a laboratory of my own, one where I can continue my research unimpeded.

And assistants, of course, though I can provide those on my own, in time. SCP Nonsense. We are all men of science. Fetch your coat and show me to my quarters, doctor. Gestures with pointed stick Our work begins now! Interviewer's Note: While SCP is capable of communicating in a very human way, there is a strange sense of unease that one experiences when in its presence.

Make no mistake, there is something very uncanny about this entity indeed. Additionally, we've confiscated that pointed stick that SCP keeps waving around.

Part of this was due to standard confiscation protocols for the possessions of anomalies, and part because really is a menace swinging it around like he does. The entity was displeased at first, but after we made some concessions in providing it with "test subjects" which are, admittedly, more for the benefit of our own research it warmed up to the idea. While in containment at Site, SCP has spent a considerable amount of time studying and performing surgery on the various mammalian corpses it has been provided.

SCP will routinely spend several days performing surgery, and then regardless of whether or not the corpse becomes an instance of SCP spending several more days documenting its findings in a thick leather journal stored within its doctor's bag.

SCP will often seek to share its findings with members of Foundation staff. The following is a log of several occasions during which SCP was observed operating on a mammalian corpse. The entity expressed sincere gratitude towards all members of the containment and research staff.

Observation Notes: SCP began by asking D several standard medical questions, as it began removing tools from its bag. Shortly after finishing its preparations, SCP quickly closed the distance between the two, killing the subject with a touch to its throat. Afterwards, SCP made a number of considerable alterations to the basic structure of the subject's corpse, often introducing fluids from within its bag into the subject by way of a hand powered pump and copper tubing.

The resulting instance became animated, flailing and grasping at the walls of the chamber with a number of manufactured limbs while moaning out of an oblong orifice now present in its sternum. During this time, SCP was observed taking notes of the instance in its journal, and remarking to the watching research staff about the efficacy of its cure.

Security personnel entered the chamber to move SCP back to containment, and were attacked by the instance. The security team dispatched the instance, and SCP returned to containment with no resistance, stating that it was pleased with the results.

Preface: SCP was provided the corpse of a recently deceased goat. SCP expressed gratitude at the provision. SCP expressed pleasure in this outcome, though admitted "the disease was still in its nascent stage.

My veterinarian practice is rudimentary, but the patient responded well to the procedure. Preface: SCP was provided the corpse of a recently deceased orangutan. SCP expressed noted gratitude at the provision, due to the similarities between the orangutan and common human physiology. Observation Notes: SCP spent several days operating on the orangutan, reanimating it several times.

However, SCP appeared to be discontent with the results it experienced, returning to the creature three times after its initial reanimation for additional work.

After it was unable to reanimate the corpse a fifth time, SCP turned the corpse over to Foundation staff for incineration, stating "I have learned so much from this, though I fear my early optimism was misplaced.

Dr dirk greineder wiki

Season 2 began production on November 10, and ended October 14, Season 2 premiered on May 11, Riley and her friends are discovering the world is bigger and more complicated than they ever imagined! Girl Meets World is an American coming of age television sitcom.

Riley Matthews is the main character and title character of Girl Meets World. She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews.

Girl Meets World is een Amerikaanse televisiesitcom die oorspronkelijk liep van 27 juni tot 20 januari , op Disney Channel. De serie is een spin-off van Boy Meets World — Riley staat nu centraal. Haar vader is leraar op een middelbare school en haar moeder advocate.

Riley Matthews

Man these are two of the worst episodes of BOTH shows. Both seem to be full of characters making dumb, nonsense decisions. I dunno Jacob--while I don't disagree with your point, I'm not sure these are the worst of the shows. Worst holiday episodes, sure, but there have been worse episodes from the franchise. Hmmm, that's fair Jacob. As for "New Year," I'm not sure. While I certainly agree that "New Year" does not hold up very well I gave it a B- when I watched it the first time, and I think that's very, very generous now , it may escape the bottom 10 of Girl Meets World by sheer luck due to how many other episodes sucked even worse. I respect your opinions about Charlie, but I fail to see how Riley is into him.

Girl Meets World

Boy Meets World is now frequently regarded as an underground classic, and garnered much interest in producer Exile, who had previously produced rapper Blu's album Below the Heavens, which also was released to similar acclaim. Mainly used for comedic purposes, the character of Morgan is usually annoying to Cory, and seems closer to Eric. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Background and development.

The series centers around the life of a young teen girl, Riley Matthews, and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which her father Cory is their history teacher.

This is a collab between myself and djkaktus , refining ol' plague boy into something more appropriate for today's standards. Credit goes to Dex V does not match any existing user name for the new images. SCP must be sedated before any attempts to transport it. During transport, SCP must be secured within a Class III Humanoid Restriction Harness including a locking collar and extension restraints and monitored by no fewer than two armed guards.

Genius Fan Uses Wikipedia to Meet His Favorite Band

Debuttata il 27 giugno su Disney Channel negli Stati Uniti, mentre in Italia il 9 novembre dello stesso anno. La serie, ambientata 14 anni dopo la serie madre, parla delle avventure di Riley Matthews Rowan Blanchard , la figlia di Cory e Topanga Matthews, che ora sono cresciuti, e della sua migliore amica, di nome Maya Hart Sabrina Carpenter. Il 5 gennaio Disney Channel ha annunciato che la terza sarebbe stata anche l'ultima stagione prodotta.

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The series centers around the life of a young teen girl. Created by Michael Jacobs, April Kelly. Their daughter, Riley, faces life lessons through her family, friends, and school--where her father is her history teacher--as her parents did when they were younger. But, Jacobs is leaving fans with a little morsel of what was to come. Jacobs went to the Girl Meets World.

Eric Matthews (Boy Meets World)

Welcome to the official Girl Meets World Wiki , a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to the Disney Channel original series, Girl Meets World. Today is May 12, and there are currently , edits to this wiki. Girl Meets World was a hit Disney Channel show that follows Cory and Topanga Matthews' twelve year old daughter, Riley, and her best friend, Maya, as they navigate through the challenges of life. In Girl Meets Goodbye , a stressed-out Topanga is still weighing her big decision as she gathers her family and close friends in the living room, where Shawn reveals some major news. She is signed to Hollywood Records. Read more It also serves as the third and final part in the 3-part Texas event.

Het hoofdpersonage van Boy Meets World - Cornelius 'Cory' Matthews (Ben Savage) - is opgegroeid en getrouwd met zijn voormalige klasgenote Topanga  Seizoenen‎: ‎3.

Это не лишено смысла. Джабба сразу понял, что Сьюзан права. Энсей Танкадо сделал карьеру на простых числах. Простые числа - главные строительные блоки шифровальных алгоритмов, они обладали уникальной ценностью сами по. Эти числа отлично работают при создании шифров, потому что компьютеры не могут угадать их с помощью обычного числового дерева.

Вы сказали, что самолет улетел почти пустой. Быть может, вы могли бы… - Право же, без фамилии я ничего не могу поделать. - И все-таки, - прервал ее Беккер.

Стратмор казался озадаченным. Он не привык, чтобы кто-то повышал на него голос, пусть даже это был его главный криптограф. Он немного смешался.

Клянусь, что я тебя пальцем не трону.

Внизу по-прежнему завывала сирена. - Надо вырубить все электроснабжение, и как можно скорее! - потребовала Сьюзан. Она знала, что, если они не будут терять времени, им удастся спасти эту великую дешифровальную машину параллельной обработки.

Каждый компьютер в мире, от обычных ПК, продающихся в магазинах торговой сети Радиошэк, и до систем спутникового управления и контроля НАСА, имеет встроенное страховочное приспособление как раз на случай таких ситуаций, называемое отключение из розетки.

Колени у Сьюзан подкосились, и она увидела над головой кружащиеся звезды. ГЛАВА 80 Хейл, крепко сжимая шею Сьюзан, крикнул в темноту: - Коммандер, твоя подружка у меня в руках. Я требую выпустить меня отсюда. В ответ - тишина. Его руки крепче сжали ее шею. - Я сейчас ее убью.

Хватит врать! - крикнул Стратмор.  - Где. Хейл сдавил горло Сьюзан. - Выпустите меня, или она умрет.

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