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Finding friends as a mom

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NOTE: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy. To make true mom friends that you can call on during the tough days of motherhood, follow a few essential steps. I was the new girl in town, with a baby on the way. No friends nearby to call on for support. You go to mommy groups, join the PTA and then life-long friendships develop.


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Finding a ‘mom-friend’ is like dating

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You may be thinking: Friends? I already have plenty of friends! But a parent friend is different. We're talking about someone who's living through the same sleep, feeding, and development issues you're facing with your new baby. Someone who's happy to talk about poop, breast milk, and spit-up. Someone who won't mind — or notice — that you're wearing the same sweats you wore yesterday and the day before.

This kind of camaraderie will help you more than you can imagine. But forming new friendships isn't always easy, and approaching new people can feel as awkward as a first date. Here are some tips to make it easier. You can also find a moms' group or dads' group in your area or sign up for parent-and-baby classes, such as yoga, swimming, or music. Many neighborhoods and towns have their own parents' clubs, and libraries, churches, and synagogues often do too.

We still meet twice monthly, 22 years later! Another good spot for finding friends is the gym, where you can exercise and meet potential pals in one fell swoop. You might just meet a new friend while you're doing errands, taking your baby on a walk, or even waiting in the pediatrician's office. So aim to get out of the house at least once a day, and keep your eyes open for chances to make a connection. When Jessica Barton took her 6-week-old to the mall, she didn't expect to stumble upon a friendship.

But she happened to see another new mom sitting on a bench. My son was working himself into a major 'I'm hungry' tantrum as well, so I looked at her and said, 'Is this seat taken?

By the end of the conversation, Barton's new friend had invited her to a playgroup. The two moms are still buddies four years later. Consider your online options, too. Apps like Smile Mom are a great way to meet local moms and schedule playdates. Online social networking helps you get in touch with old friends and make new ones.

And if you haven't already, create a profile on BabyCenter's Community and put the call out to moms or dads in your area. Okay, so you're getting out of the house, you've joined a parents' club, and you've registered for a class or activity.

Now it's time to focus on approach. Complimenting someone's baby is another conversation starter. Gear-related icebreakers work well too. Would you recommend it? If you're feeling shy that day and just can't get out a greeting, you can always let your child help.

If her child is the perpetrator and she apologizes, I say that if it wasn't hers, it would have been mine. Even with the smoothest introductions, making small talk can be nerve-racking. I don't want to come off too strong and run off a good prospect! It helps to remember that many other new parents want to make friends just as much as you do.

If you do encounter someone who isn't interested, don't take it personally. There's no getting around it — exchanging phone numbers or email addresses with someone you barely know can feel awkward.

It felt even stranger when I gave her my number! Weird as it may feel, just bite that bullet and go forward. Think about it this way: If you put off making a move, you could lose your chance. I was just about to ask for her email address and a playdate when her sister showed up and whisked the whole family out from under me.

It was like losing that great guy at the coffee shop when the hot barista comes along," says Stephanie Johnston. The simplest wording is probably best: "Would you like to get together for a playdate sometime? For parents of babies, "playdate" really means "sleep-and-eat-date.

Others go the online route by asking whether a potential friend is on a particular social networking site, then following up from the comfort of their keyboard. No matter your approach, keep in mind that other parents are probably feeling just as self-conscious — and just as hopeful — about making new friends as you are. Join now to personalize.

By Evonne Lack. Photo credit: iStock. Step 1: Locate other new parents "It's always a challenge — not only making new friends, but finding them! Step 2: Make your move Okay, so you're getting out of the house, you've joined a parents' club, and you've registered for a class or activity.

If you do encounter someone who isn't interested, don't take it personally Step 3: Seal the deal There's no getting around it — exchanging phone numbers or email addresses with someone you barely know can feel awkward.

Featured video. Top 5 parenting fears and what you can do about them. Joining a moms group: How to find one that suits you.

Solutions to new-parent dilemmas. How can I make playdates more successful? Toddler milestone: Socialization. Your month-old's physical development: Running out of control. Toddler game: Ring-around-the-rosy. New to BabyCenter? Join now. Password Forgot your password? Keep me logged in. Log in. Get the BabyCenter app. See all in Getting Pregnant. Napping Ages 2 to 3 See all in Preschooler.

10 Easy Steps For Introverts to Find New Mom Friends

Seeking other amateur, irreverent new mom who walks the line between reading every study about how to develop your newborn's optimal gut flora and just NGAF. Bonus points if your dog's on Instagram. Your what? Your tribe? Why would I need "other" friends than the ones I already had?

You may be thinking: Friends? I already have plenty of friends!

When I had my son six years ago, none of my friends had kids. None of them. Pregnancy wasn't even on their radar, let alone thoughts of playdates, breastfeeding and diapers. While this didn't phase me during the nine-month in utero period, it hit hard after I brought my baby home.

Tips for How to Make New Mom Friends, From Moms

So as an introvert, I had to push myself out of my comfort zone and purposefully find new mom friends. Small talk is my nemesis. I hate it. Most of us introverts do. It seems so shallow and not worth my time. But I had to do it…almost like taking medicine. I found my friends. I found my people who got me. But for a lot of people who self-identify as an introvert or as shy, making Mom Friends is hard.

How to make mom friends as a busy mom

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When my son was born, my husband and I were 3, miles away from our families and the first in our group of friends to become parents. Try as they may, no one could offer the type of support that I needed quite like another mother.

Ever wonder if other mothers experience the same challenges as you? They probably do. There is only so much you can talk about that concerns the kids. Also scheduling when they're working moms and I'm a stay-at-home mom.

Women are Scary: The Totally Awkward Adventure of Finding Mom Friends

My daughters are the most important people in my life! I think there are a lot of reasons we all have trouble finding friends as a Mom, but one of the biggest is motherhood itself. Let me preface this paragraph with a statement: I was one of those girls.

Remember as a kid when you could go up to someone and just ask them to be your friend? As an adult, it doesn't feel that simple. In those first months of parenthood having a network of friends who can support you and understand your experience can help make the transition so much easier and get you out of the house. You can build those new connections, though, and find that understanding group of "mom friends" that you can vent to, get advice from and just hang out with. Here is their advice.

The Trouble with Finding Friends As a Mom

Making mom friends moms with kids the same age as yours that you click with, laugh with, and share your deepest fears with isn't an easy feat, but it's an important one. So whether you're a new mom or a mom in a new situation for example, you just moved to a new location , brushing up on those friend-making skills is key. Like any first date, making a first playdate with a new mom friend can be nerve-racking. Here are five tips to help you break the ice, make the first playdate, and survive the initial awkward moments of making mommy friends. Half the battle is getting out the door. Yes, your baby sleeps -- a lot -- but that doesn't mean you need to be home all the time.

Not soon enough to meet other new moms, I guess. I'm still at it. I won't give up until I have even that one cool mom to hang out with and share our struggles.

My children put me in situations with other moms all the time at the playground, school events and activities. Yet I can count on one hand the number of true blue mom friends I've met under these circumstances. A mom friend is someone who just gets you and the experience of being a mother.

Everything I Wish I Knew About Finding a Mom Tribe

I had visions of building a fantastic circle of mom friends on mat leave. Then I tried baby-and-me yoga. By Natalie Stechyson July 13,

6 Ways to Make Mom Friends

You met her at the park. She offers you a drink. Welcome to a new type of dating scenario, where everyone is looking for The One with total package potential: Kids the same age!

You have to weed through the masses, awkward play dates, and a few crazies to find the right one. Shortly before I had my daughter my husband was relocated for work.

And even more important, when have you needed social support more acutely? When my first child was born, the demand on my existing friendships took on a new requirement — practically overnight. Were you a mom, too? Could your child play with mine?

I‘m too awkward to make mom friends

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