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A girl or boy hamster

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So, should I get a male or female hamster? The gender of a hamster is relatively important because of their connection to personality. Like humans, the personality of hamsters are also different. The male hamster being rather mellow and a tad smelly. On the flipside, there is a female hamster which could pose a challenge for first-time hamster owners. In this article, we will help you make the decision of choosing between a male and a female hamster.

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Learn to Tell If Your Hamster Is Male or Female

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For a beginner, a boy Syrian hamster is better than a girl. It a fact that boys are more tame, which makes them better for beginners. If I am wrong, please tell me. Girls are more feisty. Girl or Boy? Which is nicer? It's up to the individuals. My first hammie was a syrian girl and she was so friendly!

She was tame in about a week. MY hamster now is a female as well and she's very sweet. She was shy and nervous at first but now she's really sweet. I have never had a male hamster, but not because I prefer females.

The pet store lady gave me the hamster I wanted and I checked when I got home. Like This Unlike eyesonlyhacker 30 Oct Females do tend to be more territorial then males, but that does not mean they'll act the same to you. I've had both male and female that were absolutely the most gentle hamsters ever I'm still not convinced Crash and Eddie are even hamsters.

Maybe they're the world's smallest dogs. But then you can get hamsters of both genders that want nothing to do with you or other hamsters. You have to have both and compare. Of course, you can't put them together. But if you make a real effort to be very close, you will see the best of either sex. One of my girls bites and it's hard to do much with her.

My two other girls are very loving, don't bite me, but will once in a while bite Steve. All four of my boys want attention all the time, but I sometimes feel they just use me to get out of the cage and do their own thing. However, little Jack is more loving toward me.

He has never bitten me, but the other boys will bite if I have recently picked up another boy. They won't bite if I just picked up one of the girls though.

So you have to know your hamsters. It is also said that females tend to become less friendly as they get older and that males stay docile throughout their lives but I still think that varies from hammy to hammy.

When I had my Syrian female, Gorgeous, she stayed really cuddly throughout her life and one of my male Dwarf hammies was a lil devil always nipping. Edited by Pinkchi, 31 October - PM. But it depends on the hamster alone. You could have a girl and a boy and the boy could be feisty, but the girl be nice.

Not all, but most girls are meaner than boys. While it WILL depend mostly on the individual's personality, I've noticed that with the majority of animals the males are more laid back. It depends entirely on the individual hamster. I've had both feisty and laid back females and vice-versa with males.

My first hammy was a boy and he was absilutely the sweetest little boy ever There is not real way to tell if your hammy is gunna be a good one or a bad one it just depends on how much time you sped with them. I have a girl now and she's my second one and i have only had her for days and already she is starting to calm down and let me pick her up. Like This Unlike Yukionna 07 Nov I think it depends on where you got them and their individual personalities. The people who handle the hamsters first really really matters.

My little Yuki was traumatized early by the big gigantic scary hands. I've had one male syrian who was a jerk and constantly bit me throughout his life. And I had a female syrian who was absolutely wonderful. But in my experience my males have always been nicer. She hated the box, so i held her all the way home. No bites. The only time she "tried"to bite is if I startled her when she just woke up. She is so sweet, you could hand feed her the tiniest little seed or piece of treat she she gently takes it.

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Which Gender of Hamster Should I Get?

Depending on the species of hamster, males and females can be quite different. Have a look below to find out about any significant differences between male and female hamsters of your species. In terms of temperament, some owners have found that the males tend to be more easy-going, whilst the females can to be more boisterous and characterful. Unlike Syrian hamsters, most people report that there is no major personality difference between genders of Chinese hamsters.

Sexing Dwarf Hamsters is the process of determining if your hamster is a male or a female. It is important to do this yourself even if the pet store staff have advised you of their gender.

Mitzie is a full time sales person and is a life long resident of Neenah, WI. She is a mother of one son, James, who is married to Sarah, the illustrator of their first childrens book. Mitzie has an active imagination and she has brought to life the special connection people have with their pets. A Tale of Two Dwarf Hamsters is based on a true story of a young couple and their relationship they have with their two dwarf hamsters. It is a story of the beginnings of a new life together and how they interact with their little pets.

72 Cute and Funny Hamster Names for Males and Females

Use a bit of caution when handling hamsters, as they may bite, and be careful not to squeeze or drop them when taking a look at their bellies. Hold the hamster carefully and look at the underside, near the tail. There will be two openings, one of which is the anus. The other opening will be either the penis or the vulva. The most obvious difference between the two sexes is that there is more distance between the anus and penis, with a small but obvious space between the two. If the hamster is female, there is only a very tiny space, if any, between the vulva and anus. Often the two openings in a female are so close together that they are touching. In male hamsters, testicles will develop and will become quite obvious as he ages.

How to tell the sex of a hamster?

For a beginner, a boy Syrian hamster is better than a girl. It a fact that boys are more tame, which makes them better for beginners. If I am wrong, please tell me. Girls are more feisty. Girl or Boy?

The basic differences are similar for all species of hamsters—Syrian, dwarf, or Chinese.

When we collected our hamster from the pet store, we did not request a particular gender. This is because we naturally assumed that bar the physical differences , all Syrian hamsters were the same. But is this a fair assumption? Without trying to generalize too much when it comes to personality, female hamsters do tend to be the fierier of the genders.

How to Find the Gender of Your Hamster

Syrian hamster breeding is selective breeding on Syrian hamsters. The practice of breeding requires an understanding of care for the Syrian hamster, knowledge about Syrian hamster variations , a plan selective breeding , scheduling of the female body cycle, and the ability to manage a colony of hamsters. Mother hamsters younger than 13 weeks old are likely to have a high number of babies, which can lead to complications in pregnancy and less healthy births. There is a certain genetic defect which can give a hamster a kinked tail instead of the usual straight tail.

Many moons ago, when I was a child myself, we bought a couple of rabbits from a breeder who assured us we were taking home two males. Low and behold a few months later upon opening their hutch, we found a litter of bunnies. Sexing a hamster can be difficult, especially if they are young or have yet to be tamed. But there are key differences between male and female genitalia that are easy to spot and will allow you to determine the sex of your hamster. Below we will look at the differences between male and female hamsters, their genitalia and ways in which you can tell if your hamster is pregnant. If your hamster is well tamed , then you should be able to cup it gently and rotate them onto their back so that they are belly side up.

Syrian hamster breeding

My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life. The birds were way too loud, the fish were all too boring, your stomach turned at the thought of feeding a mouse to a snake, and the other reptiles were just not cuddly enough. Then something caught your eye: The motion of a wheel turning and turning and this adorable little ball of fur keeping it going. You watched in awe as this little thing shot off the wheel, dove into its tunnel, and squeezed its way to the very top to peek at you.

Girl or Boy? Which is nicer? - posted in General Care: For a beginner, a boy Syrian hamster is better than a girl. It a fact that boys are more tame  Oct 29, - 13 posts - ‎12 authors.

Selecting a new hamster is a decision that should not be made without taking the time to truly consider what you want from your new pet. While each hamster has its own individual personality, some basic differences do tend to exist between males and females. Taking the time to decide what qualities you value in your hamster will help ensure a happy relationship between you.

This is a rather commonly asked question among new hamster owners. You want to know what gender your hamster is. Hamsters are like children to us, and we don't want to misgender them. That's just rude.

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Male and female hamsters tend to have quite different personalities, although the degree to which this is true depends on the species. These are some of the key differences:.

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